Sunday, June 2, 2013

Plans Change

This last month has probably when one of the hardest in my life. 

I've been crazy busy with school, planning a trip to Uganda, a few heartbreaks, and being knocked down and having to go back to the drawing boards. 

It has been rough to say the least. 

Earlier this month, after much praying and talking with my parents we came to the conclusion that my trip to Uganda in June was just not a go. 

There were many things that played into this decision and there are many reasons why it was just not the right time. 

Am I upset? most definitely. Completely and totally just torn apart. I miss my Uganda, I miss my boy and I miss my friends fiercely. Staying here was definitely not part of my plan. 

Thankfully, though, God's plans don't seem to be much affected by my own. 

Right now, I'm clinging to His promises and the fact that one day (Lord willing) I will be walking that red dirt again. Baby in hand and feet covered in dirt. 

I can't wait.