about ashton

my name is ashton. i'm a southern girl whose heart forever remains in africa. i'm a twenty year old dreamer, artist, and adventurer.

i'm the creator of the Ashton Brye™ Collection. i'm incredibly proud of my little business + use it to raise funds for organizations that i love and believe in. it is a collection of southern tshirts that are all hand drawn. my head is usually in the clouds and you will usually find me with a sketch book + coffee close by. i believe in happiness and doing good. i want the world to be better because i was here.

i moved to jinja, uganda in 2014, but left because God's plans never seem to affected by my own. i'm currently on my most unexpected adventure yet…college. uganda is still my end goal and i plan to be back if and when God sees fit. i'm on a journey i never, ever expected, but i'm finding joy in the now even though my heart aches for a land far away.

i kept this little passion of uganda buried deep in my heart from the time i was a little girl. if possible, i would spend all of my days snuggling babies, dancing in red dirt, and singing about how much jesus loves each little brown hand i hold. while, i'm not doing that indefinitely right now, my heart will always remain in the red dirt of uganda + i ache to return.

i have an amazing family. i'm the oldest of six. three of which were adopted from china. i credit my passion for orphans, poverty, jesus, and loving the least of these to them. they are the ones that changed my life + opened my eyes to the needs of others around me.

my life is messy, but so beautiful. i am by no means perfect or at all who i want to be, but jesus keeps me on my feet and is helping me to get there. unlike most 18 year olds, i'm not going to college or looking forward to moving into a dorm a few states away. i'm moving to a country oceans away, and leaving the world that has been my home for so long for a world that has been my heart.

jesus is always teaching me + drawing me to him. i'm digging my hands deep into the messiness of grace + the beauty of love.
and i am ever fixing my eyes on the One who has brought me this far and it's just getting good.
so, so good.

thank you for following along + supporting me as i journey through a messy, but beautiful grace that is my life.

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