help wanted

wanna help, but you just don't know how? 

good. you're in the right place. 

help is always needed and it varies from time to time, so i'll do my best to keep this updated. 

right now i'm fundraising like crazy to get my booty back to africa. 
so, if you want to help me you can…

> pray like crazy
> buy one of these tshirts
> join my prayer team
> send one of the donations listed below 
> all of the above

above all "money needs", prayer is so much more important. please remember to pray for me, uganda, and the people i will be serving daily. 

if you would like a reminder to pray for me, just email me and i'd be happy to send you a little something so you remember. [ps anytime you donate/buy a tshirt you get one of these, too] 

>medical tape/sterile gauze/band aids/etc
>children's shoes
>towels/wash cloths 
>cloth/washable diapers
>neosporin w/ pain relief
>baby bottles + sippy cup
>duct tape/clear tape
>outside toys
>sensory toys
>good thermometers 
>art stuff
there are lots more needs, these are just a few. feel free to contact me for more information
[you can email me at ashtonbry[at]yahoo[dot]com or you can call me/facebook me/etc]

thank you for following along on this journey of mine + for coming along side me during this season. 



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