Monday, February 3, 2014


throughout the last few months since i announced my whole move-ashton in africa-everything-in-between, it's been quite the journey. many ups, many downs, and quite a few times i've landed right on my face.

see, from the time i was a little girl africa has been on my heart. the needy of the world have always pulled at my heart, even when i was young. homeless people and hungry children always wrecked my tiny being, so trust me when i say this "africa thing" is not out of the blue.

i drove my parents insane for africa for six solid years. finally, they agreed. at sixteen i went to uganda and it wrecked my life. shattered me into pieces and i realized that it was my love.

when i decided it was time for me to go for longer, i began looking. i found ekisa and it was perfect. i applied and honestly never thought they would accept me, but they did.

in the last few months i've struggled with dates, money, and all the technicalness. but recently i've been overcome with such peace. it's been quite amazing, actually. 

some days, i become overwhelmed at the thought of living in a foreign country by my lonesome-sweettea-lovin' self. the idea of being a few planes away from the people i love so much is a lot to take in. and that's only four months away, y'all. 

recently i found the verse and i fell in love with it. it's simple, true and speaks volumes to my heart..
He gives me peace. [john 14:27] 

and He does give me peace. such glorious peace that makes this transition a lot easier than i ever imagined. i still have time to prepare, but time doesn't stop for anyone..and i'm no exception. 

people continually tell me they don't know how i'm doing it and that i'm brave. but i'm not. i'm just a girl. i'm from a small southern town. i've grown up in the same place my entire life and while i've traveled quite a bit, i'm not worthy of this calling. i'm just willing to follow Jesus. and He is leading me down a path that may make me seem brave, but i'm not. 
because He is graceful, i am Brave. 
and it's as simple as that. 

i encourage you to find peace in Jesus. it's unlike anything in this world. the process might be painful, it might be ugly, and it might not be the beautiful fairy tale you imagined, but oh it is worth it. so worth it. 

this new season looms and i don't know what is next, but He does. and He doesn't need me to be ready, because He is ready. He just needs me to be in the here and now and clinging to Him and His goodness. 

and i can do that. and so can you.