Friday, March 9, 2012

almost there.

so much to do in such little time.
basically, this blog is my journey as i wait and journey to my heart, Uganda.
it has been a dream in the making for about 6 years now. 
i cannot wait to see where God leads me through this, but i am thrilled to watch. 
the name of my blog ashton in africa is basically what the title states. it is a journal of my journeys to uganda. I know that this won't be the last time i'm in this beautiful land. My favorite word in Luganda {native tongue of Uganda} would be, Ekisa, meaning grace which is so fitting for a messy person like me. grace has a great meaning to me. i live in His grace. i NEED His grace, because without it i would be more of a mess than i am now. 
his grace is sufficient for my strength is made in perfect weakness.
thank you for your prayers and love.
to god be the glory
kwagala {love} to y'all


Monday, March 5, 2012

Why Uganda

Uganda is a beautiful place. The people, the places, the homes, everything about it to me is beautiful. The suffering of course is not but there is beauty in it all. The beauty in the fact that in the greatest poverty they are lifting their hands in Praise to the ONE who rescues them. The ONE who helps them through their life. They rely on Him for everything. Their next meal, to get up in the morning, etc. etc. If only I could comprehend that. I long for that need to need Him in such a way. In America, we are spoiled. We aren't on our knees praising Him every second of the day. If only we could realize how BIG our God still is and how REAL and powerful and MIRACLE-WORKING He is! If Only...and I am not, by any means saying that people in America do not worship or love God. Some do. Some do rely on Him, but is it in the same way? 
Think if you were an Orphan, alone, starving, and on the street...Would you be happy, always smiling, or in a good mood? (not that they always are) If that was all you had ever known? Do you think that ANYONE would choose to live the life they live? That ANY child chooses to be an Orphan?! Any human chooses suffering? I highly doubt it. What is good about not having an Earthly Mommy and Daddy? Not having someone to tuck you in at night, kiss you, or let you know you are so loved? Nothing is good about that. At all. 
It is only by the grace of God I am where I am right now. In a beautiful, comfortable home, with all of the luxuries i could imagine and so do not deserve. From the iPhone, to the i-this and that. All of that is a LUXURY. All of it is not necessary. All of it is just something I have been BLESSED with. 
Don't get me wrong, I love my life here. I love my family, friends and everyone God has put in my path, but God is breaking my heart for what breaks His.  HE is showing me that this lovely life in America is not for me. My life was not meant to be spent donating money online and praying for a child through the internet and hoping someone else will do something because I don't want to step out of my box of comfort and do it myself.. My life was meant to GO and yours was, too. God COMMANDS us to care for the Orphans and Widows in distress. It is not a friendly suggestion. 
I don't feel God has called me to take the 'easy' life. No where have I found that in the Bible. I am told to pick up my cross and follow Him. I plan to do that in the fullest. I believe He has called me to do something so much bigger than myself or my dreams Something so much more than what I can imagine. So much more than being 'normal' 

So, that is Why Uganda. 
I am more than thrilled to be leaving in 50-something days to go to a country I have never stepped foot in, but have loved from the start. My heart is ready. and I just can't wait. 
Please keep me in your prayers in the days to come. For God to direct me and show me more on this trip than I could have ever dreamed.

"Who will GO? Who shall I send?" and I said, "Here i am. Lord, Send ME!"
-Isaiah 6:8