Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hope House

On Monday we went to Hope House which is a branch basically of API. Hope house is a place where women who were once on the streets learn how to make jewelry, sell jewelry and in return get money to support their families. It is truly an amazing ministry. The women are truly amazing and inspiring.

We arrived at about 10am to a group of smiling, beautiful women and a table full of jewelry..woo! We spent the first thirty or so minutes shopping. I bought so many beautiful necklaces, headbands, and bracelets. It was so much fun and the best part was that it was all going to a GREAT cause! We finished shopping, put everything in the bus and sat down in a room and began to introduce ourselves.

It started out like any other introduction would. Hello my name is __________, I have ____ children and am so happy to be here. It went like this for about 7 women...and then we came to a beautiful woman. Hello my name is _________ and I have 3 children. I used to have four until my oldest son was killed.
She began to tell her story and we all began to cry.
Please pray for me and pray that I will forgive these people who did my son wrong and also did me wrong. Please pray that God will give me the strength and I will forgive them.

This part right here made my stomach hurt and a lump build up in my throat. This woman had been so hurt by the evil of this world. SO hurt. Yet, in the midst of her great pain she is asking us to pray that she will forgive these men. I think to my life and how selfish I am. I don't want to forgive the girl who said a mean word to me in 7th grade, so how could I ever forgive the ones who killed my son? I don't think i could. It was an emotional, totally God moment. My heart broke for her and I was amazed at her resilience and grace and just beauty from the ashes of a horrible situation.

After our introductions had continued and ended a wonderful, prayer-warrior, always had a smile on her face teammate came to the front to give her testimony. It was beautiful and well-worded and just wonderful to hear. Everyone was moved and encouraged. Then another wonderful woman from our team got up and excited these women as she announced she was going to be showing them how to pack a new style of jewelry! It is the gorgeous hand-stamped jewelry. She tearfully gave the very brave woman a necklace that said "My grace is sufficient" The necklace was beautiful and her face glowed when she received the necklace around her neck. A smile I will not soon forget. Each woman was able to make her very own necklace with their name on it. They felt so special! It was priceless! They were so happy and so thankful and so joyful.

We finished making jewelry and then packed our things and began to leave. Another goodbye I didn't want to make. I was leaving all of my new friends who were so loving and precious. We took a group photo and then got in our bus and left.


It was a very short time but a very important and very moving time. I loved the women of the Hope House and they are truly so amazing and wonderful. Please keep these women in your prayers. They will be graduating from Hope House soon and going into the world to start their own business! Will you please pray for them with me? I know they would be oh-so-thankful!

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