Monday, November 4, 2013

World Changers

"usually those who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world are the ones that do."

i've met quite a few world changers in my life time. all beautiful and such unique creatures. all so selfless and passionate and just full of love.

one of the most influential people in my life to this day is Amanda deLange. Amanda gave up her life to serve the least of these. she spent most of her days covered in spit up and slobber. she exhausted every resource and fought for every single baby that came to her. she lived in china and was a foster mama to over one hundred babies. she gave up an amazing job opportunity, left what she knew and started out with six tiny babies in a small province in china. she dropped everything and did what she was created to do, love these babies. Amanda knew what was important in life. she knew that even though she couldn't change the whole world, she could change the world for just one and that one was enough. Amanda changed the lives of many "ones" i've never met someone that was more fierce, devoted, and passionate about what she did. Amanda was one of the most beautiful fighters i have ever been blessed to meet. from the time i met her, i was in awe. when i grow up, i want to be amanda. i want to realize like she did that changing one tiny babies life was more than enough. she once told me that if her whole life had come down to saving one babies life it would have all been worth it. what a testimony. she went into the dying rooms of chinese orphanages and said "i choose that one" when the world found no value in a baby she found immeasurable value. she saw what could be not what was. amanda was diagnosed with cancer shortly after i had returned home from china after visiting her. she changed my life. and i am forever thankful for her impact. amanda died in july of 2012 and she fought the good fight. i cannot imagine the welcome home party that awaited her in heaven. all of her sweet chinese babies and jesus. i can see him welcoming her with "well done my good and faithful servant" amanda is missed terribly. her selfless loving, fierce, sassiness is missing from the world and we all ache to see her again.
amanda was a world changer. amanda was a unique and beautiful person. i want to be just like amanda.
one of amanda's babies. meet liliana. i found her in an orphanage & brought her to starfish.
 thankful that she and amanda have been reunited & amanda can love her until i see them again.  

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