Saturday, January 11, 2014

follow your arrow

all too often i become enthralled with someone else's life. all too often everyone's life but mine seems so much better. they have prettier hair. better bodies. more followers. better writing skills. and i find myself wanting to be just like them.

i want my life to be just as wonderful as theirs appears to be over a fuzzy social media screen, but here's the reality….

i'm not called to live anyones life but my own.

and sometimes, just being honest, that's hard. because sometimes what i feel is my calling doesn't seem to be as cool as some other peoples calling.

lately, i've realized that i might not be the only one with that issue of following in someone else's footsteps.

reading a book about someone who is doing awesome work for God in a certain country might light a fire inside of you and make you want to go do the same thing they're doing! It looks so cool, it's so life changing and you feel like you have to be like them.

as I dig deeper into my bible, i'm finding something come up repeatedly…follow your arrow. and make sure the one you are following is yours.

Therefore, my brothers and sisters, make every effort to confirm your calling and election. For if you do these things, you will never stumble | -2 Peter 1:10

basically, God has a beautiful plan for all of our lives! He has plans far greater than ANY we could imagine, we just simply need to open ourselves to Him. allow Him to take up the space in our life. allow Him to lead us to the place He desires for us to be.

and it's hard.

i found a quote the other day that hit home for me pretty hard. it said
"help me to put aside the things that are breaking my heart for the things that break Yours"

if we follow Jesus and truly go after His heart, our desires will be after His. it isn't as easy as it sounds, but it is so rewarding.

There is nothing more beautiful than being in the center of God's will and recently i've been learning that the center of God's will may take you all the way to Uganda or China, but it may take you to your neighbor or your local school.

If God called us all to the same place, we wouldn't be helping nearly the people. Praise God for people who have different callings in life. It makes for a really beautiful world and an awesome gospel.

i simply want this, to Be where my feet are.

simply that.

Be where your feet are.

let that sink in.

Be where your feet are. right here. right now. be a little rooted. dare to grow deeper. love the people who are right here, right where your feet are.

that's my plan. to follow my arrow right where God leads my feet. to grow and love and prosper right where my feet may land.

wherever He takes me, whenever He takes me.

i would encourage you to have the same prayer. don't seek anyone else's happy ending. follow your arrow. follow your feet. follow His calling on your life. it's gonna be beautiful, no matter where He takes you.

and when you finally get there, it's gonna be good. so good.

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