Saturday, April 19, 2014

a messy redemption

insert a miracle. out of a tired and dying world full of brokeness comes a miracle. a baby is born and it shows God's most beautiful ideal yet: He wants to save us. to deliver us. to come to us and to give us a kingdom of glory amidst dying, poverty, and a broken existence. 

He came to the world. God in flesh and He said to us "You messed up yesterday, you'll mess up today and you'll do it again tomorrow, but you know what? i love you. with everything in me i absolutely adore you. i cherish you and i think you are worth it all. you are worthy. you matter. you are mine. through the good, the bad, and everything in between that love will not change. i love you today and i love you tomorrow. i sent this gift to you to save you. to help you and to ease your burden. i came to the world and i am going to save you. because i love you. i fiercely love you and this is how i will prove it to you.

God came into the world through a 14 year old girl. she was nothing special to the world yet kings bowed down to this baby she carried in her womb. He grew to preach and heal and change. He lived the perfect life. He never ever sinned. He was in every sense of the word, perfect. yet, He died the most tragic and shameful of deaths and suffered immensely. all for you. and for me. at only 33 years old the King of Kings died. He died amongst scoffers and mockers who would assume let a murderer go then this innocent man. the man that only came here to save us in the first place. 

the most tragic part? at anytime He could have commanded it to all stop. he could have gotten off that cross by Himself and not had a scar on His body. He could have. but He didn't. because He came to save us. He came to bring us peace and to rescue us from ourselves. from our sin and filth. 

that is a God that could have saved us in any way shape or form. He didn't have to go through all of that. He could have left us all to rot in sin and die. but He didn't. He came to the world in a dirty manger. a KING was born amongst animals and filth and was grown up into a world of poverty and sin. why? because it would take that pain and fearlessness while He walked this earth to bring such a love that was the greatest of all. a love that knew no boundaries. a love that was fearless and messy and so, so beautiful. a love that would save us all. He came to this broken world because of love. love is selfless. so selfless that the God of the universe dropped all of His glory and ranking and came just for love. He didn't come to prove His majesty or power or to prove how glorious He was. He came for love. the greatest love the world would ever experience was hung upon a cross.

but that wasn't the end. while the world thought that He was done, He was just beginning because on the third day, a tomb was rolled away and their was no savior to be found. He had risen. He had done just what He came to do. He saved us from ourselves. God used a really messy dirty story to make something so beautiful and to save me. and to save you. because to Him you were worth it. worth every tear and drop of blood that was shed. the God that died on the cross 2,000 years ago is the same God today that would do it all over again for just one person. He loves you and i so much that He would relive the torture and the poverty and the mocking for one. just one. 

He took my place on that cross. He took your place. a sinless man took the place of a dirty messy sinner so that we would never have to have that shame. we can be free, all because of Him. He carried your cross. and my cross. because of Him we would never go without grace. that is Love. that is the beauty of His love. that is the messiest, but most beautiful picture of redemption the world has ever known.

He loved us enough to come down and prove that He can make beauty from ashes. He can turn the messiest of stories into something incredibly beautiful. and you know what? He is still in that business of fixing broken hearts and making all things beautiful. He is the same today as He was yesterday and He's not changing tomorrow. all we have to do is accept His gift. just that. accept the gift He bestowed upon the world so many years ago.

rejoicing and thankful for an empty tomb + risen King.

Happy Easter.

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