Wednesday, March 19, 2014


yesterday we booked plane tickets to uganda. today we paid for them [ouch]

we you ask? yes. we. my dad and i. my precious dad has decided to travel with me to uganda and drop me off. he wants to make sure i am safe and i want to show him the land i love. it's going to be a sweet, sweet few days and i cannot wait. 

yesterday we finalized dates and finalized some tickets and guess what y'all? 

i'm officially uganda bound in 77 days. SEVENTY SEVEN DAYS

so soon! and i am going crazy. like i don't even know what to do with myself. I AM GOING TO UGANDA!!! 
(also, please notice my THREE ! points. i'm an english nerd and my rule is no more than two….if you're really, really excited) 

On June 6 I will board an airplane to the land that i call home. 

and there is so much to be done between now and then. 

i will be going to sea world. i will be swimming with dolphins. i will be graduating high school. have grad parties. savoring the last little bit of high school. oh, yes and planning to pack up and MOVE to a foreign country. 

it's a crazy few months ahead. i'm nervous, i'm excited, i'm anxious, i'm feeling thankful beyond belief, i am so so so ready, but sometimes i'm not. 

so, pray for me please. especially over the next 77 days. 

pray i find peace. pray i find joy and can enjoy the last bit of time in high school with my friends. pray i can prepare. mentally, physically and spiritually. 

i would be so, so thankful for that.

seventy seven days and i'm africa bound. 

ready or not, here i go! 

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