Monday, March 24, 2014


i get questions, always. i love answering them and am always so excited when people show genuine interest in my move. if you see me, ask me about it! i love talking about the land i love and am always open to answering any questions. 

because i don't get to talk to everyone in person or detail, i figured i would answer a few FAQ while i had a little bit of time. so, here we go. 

where will you be? 
jinja, uganda for the most part. i will be in kampala less frequently but will make a few visits. 

what about college? 
right now, i feel like this is the calling God has placed on my life and i plan to follow Him fully. college can wait. no degree is worth ignoring the calling God has placed on my life and it is always gonna be available to me when i am ready. souls are at stake here. i am going to be a missionary and right now loving and serving His people is my top priority. and it's not every day you get to pack up and live your dream, right? 

well this is a deep question, but basically from the time i was about 10 uganda has been my heart. from the time i was 13 i have harassed my parents to allow me to go to uganda. when i finally went at 16 my soul knew. uganda is the land i love and i am eager to return. i feel certain that God gives us desires and passions and i am chasing mine right now. 

when do you leave? 
June 6th! i am literally counting down the days (74 left!) until i leave. i am so so excited. 

what will you be doing? 
i will be volunteering at Ekisa (such a dream!) and will be partnering with other ministries as well. i will be loving people, children, and sharing Jesus wherever i go. i basically am going to have the best job in the entire world and i feel crazy blessed to be on this journey. 

are you graduating? 
yes! i will be graduating on may 31 from high school and i'm quite excited. it's a bittersweet feeling for certain, but an exciting one nevertheless. i look forward to the new season of life that is just on the horizon for me after graduation. 

how old are you? 
i'm 18! 

what about safety? 
to be honest, there will be "danger" no matter where you roam, i rest in the promises of Jesus. if my God is for me, who could stand against me? i also use these verses/quotes to encourage myself (and my family)
Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. [Joshua 1:9]
And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. [Philippians 4:19]
God never sends you where He hasn't already been. [Max Lucado] 

aren't you scared? 
this is quite a frequent question and if i am being honest, yes sometimes i get a small wave of fear, but it passes as quickly as it comes and i am flooded with peace and promises that only He can provide. i am excited about the future and i cannot wait to see what God does. 

how can i help? 
oh! i'm so glad you asked. 
there are many ways to help and there's a cute little tab at the top of my page that says "help wanted" click on it for some great in depth ideas, but here are a few easy ones that are linked for easy access. you're welcome.
> pray like crazy
buy one of these tshirts
> join my prayer team
> send one of the donations listed here
> all of the above
above all "money needs", prayer is so much more important. please remember to pray for me, uganda, and the people i will be serving daily. 

if you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me. i would love to hear from you! 

tying you closer than most, 

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