Monday, March 31, 2014

plan b

plan b is a tricky little thing in this life. especially mine. 

see, my plan a has always been africa. as long as jesus calls me, africa is where i'll be. and i'm ok with that. actually, i'm in love with it. 

but because i don't know where i'll be in 5 years or even 5 months, i need a plan b. but plan b and i don't really get along that well on most days. plan b has never sat well in my bones. it's never been where i wanted to be, yet so many of us stay there. 

in my mind, plan b is where you are standing when you decide that you are too afraid to step out + let life hit you hard. with blessings and dreams and things you didn't know you possessed. plan b is the boring, but seemingly secure, place you build when you desperately want to keep things together. but here's the thing, plan b, it's not for me and it's not for you either. 

plan b didn't work for me when i was 12 and desperate to be normal and it's not working for me now at 18. it didn't work yesterday, it won't work tomorrow, but if you, are like me, you will try your very best to fight and push and put everything you have in your little being into making that plan b work. but it's never gonna. 

in our heads, plan b is the safe way. the good way. the way that leaves everyone with nothing negative to say, but with nothing positive either. plan b is bland. and it is the easy way. 

the thing is, jesus doesn't call us to be safe. He calls us to be faithful. and sometimes being faithful means quitting the good act. quitting the safe path. choosing to be reckless and to love with abandon. choosing to go beyond our comforts and what our idea of life should be. it means leaving the shouldhave + wouldhave for what He has. 

don't get me wrong, if jesus gives you a plan a and you go with plan b, He won't love you any less, but take it from me, you could miss out on some of the best and greatest blessings of your life.

if i've learned anything in this season of my life, it's that plan b doesn't work. and neither does living to please this world and the people in it. i've finally come to the realization that this is my life. it's your life, too. so i dare you to stop acting as if this world runs you. as if the people who have never cared enough to listen to you and the song in your soul have any say in what you do with this one, amazing and beautiful life that is all your own. i have learned to stop waiting for the next big thing and to stop standing in the corner waiting for an arrow to show me where i am supposed to go. i dare you, just start running. full out sprint. 

peace will come flooding into you when it's right. peace comes in footsteps and trials and quitting plan b, i promise. you have one chance to change this world and to be the mover and shaker you were born to be. and the thing is, the world isn't  gonna cry if you never use it. it's all on you. every bit of it. it's all you. the sweat, tears and blood to come they are all your own. you were put on this earth for a reason. 

you may not know, yet and i don't know either, but this world has always been about one thing. it's always been craving for the one thing that brought it together in the first place, love. it's about helping people. choosing to be graceful for people. choosing to find beauty. choosing love. this is where you'll find joy. and that, that is where the peace is. it's the beauty in every aspect of this life. you were born to make a difference. you were born to break the chains and to quit plan b. you were born to chase plan a and to rock it. 

seek your passion, seek His heart and go after it. don't stop running until you're so overcome with joy and peace you can barely breathe. will it always be easy? absolutely not. will it always be worth it? definitely. 

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